1Can you order online?
a) Yes, you can place an order online by creating an account and logging in to see our products including pricing. Discounts are offered on bulk orders. You can also give us a call and setup an appointment to visit our office. b) You need to be a business with a registered EIN in order to place an order with us as we are distributors and generally do not cater to the end consumer. You can however find us on Amazon and purchase some of our products from there. Thank you for your understanding and we sincerely appreciate your business!
2How do you setup an account with us?
a) Create an account on our website by clicking on the sign up tab provided on the top right of our website’s homepage and provide all your information and we will review your information before approving you to become a registered customer of our company. b) You need to be a business/merchant in order to purchase from us as we require an EIN number to verify your company.
3Do you need to have a minimum purchase order?
a) Yes, you need to have a minimum order of at least $200 in order to purchase from us online. b) Samples may be purchased at the piece price and are not returnable. There are no free samples. c) Please contact customer service once you place a larger order.
4Can you change or cancel your order?
a) Yes, but latest by 3pm on the day of order placement as we aim to process our orders as fast as we can in order to meet customer’s satisfaction with timely delivery of the goods.
5What is the refund policy?
a) Refunds will ONLY be accepted if the products are not washed, worn or accessorised and are returned within 5 working days from the day of purchase. If there are any sort of defects or damages we will conduct a review of the damages and will provide a refund accordingly.
6Can you make Custom Orders?
a) Yes, absolutely! Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with your needs.
7What is the quality of our products?
a) We provide only first quality products. We don’t offer any irregulars or second quality products.
8Can we pick-up our orders?
a) Yes, once you have placed an order. Let us know whether you would like the goods to be delivered to you or picked up at our warehouse located in Bridgeview.
9Do we ship domestically and internationally?
a) For now, we only ship our products domestically.
10Where do we ship from?
a) We ship all our orders from our warehouse located in Bridgeview, IL.
11What are the available methods of payment?
a) We accept multiple payment methods. These include; bank transfer, credit card, cheques and cash (except post dated cheques).