Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Fairtrade Policy:
Our company provides fair trade agreements and transparency with our manufacturer to help keep a developing countries economy stable to provide a justifiable and stable income for their workers. It also helps to improve social and environmental standards such as building stronger communities, provide education, healthcare, and creating a safe working environment for the workers within these facilities.

Labor Policies:
We believe in equal rights and equal pay for all our employees whereas we also provide adequate training to ensure all our employees are well versed with what their responsibilities are within the workplace to avoid any harm to themselves or the ones around them. In addition to this, we make sure no employee goes unnoticed and to help them excel and be given a chance to grow within the company.

We source our products from manufacturers who have taken huge measures to ensure every single drop of water is accounted for to help keep water wastage at a minimum and utilize only what is needed We source products from manufacturers who have the highest quality and are compliant according to international standards.) (We make sure that there is no child labor at the manufacturing facilities and all the workers are treated fairly.

We as a company are committed to personally help reduce as many carbon footprints as possible and to take part in keeping our earth pollution free which has become a serious problem in our day and time.
We’re taking a big step in recycling all wastage material within our confines to be able to help our community in fighting against waste pollution.

Charitable Giving:
Our Company has agreements in place with our suppliers to give back a certain percentage of the profits to the less fortunate who struggle to live on a day-to-day basis and those who come from very low-income families. We would like to help support them to achieve a goal in their lives and to help provide education and healthcare to better themselves to excel within their communities and to build a better tomorrow.